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ABAC Suitcase 6 Litre Compressor

  • £199.99

Ease of use and compactness are the most notable attributes behind the new ABAC Suitcase air compressor. The times in which you were struggling to bring compressed air where needed are over. The ABAC Suitcase weighs only 10 kg and can be effortlessly transported using the anti-slip handle. Four absorption feet enable the compressor to be placed either vertically or horizontally depending on your needs. Along with convenient transportation and ease of use, the ABAC Suitcase is equipped with an universal air outlet and a spiral hose neatly stored within the Suitcase body. Despite its size, this compact compressor still offers plenty of performance, with 5.6 CFM, 8 bar of pressure via its 1.5 HP engine.


• Oil-free pump
• Light and easy to carry
• Tool compartment for easy storage
• Easy to read and suitably positioned regulators
• Solid shock absorbent feet for added comfort
• Universal air outlet grants flexibility.
• Plug-and-play operation via ON/OFF switch.


- Tank size: 6 Litres
- Air displacement: 160 l/min
- CFM: 5.6
- Motor power: 1.5 HP
- Operating pressure: 8 Bar
- Sound level: 68 dB(A) @ 7m
- Weight: 10 Kg
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 325 x 233 x 536 mm

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