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Engineers Wipes - 111 Pieces

Engineers Wipes - 111 Pieces

  • £7.99

TYGRIS Engineer's Wipes have been developed for use where the removal of grease and grime is an everyday challenge. Very effective for the fast removal of dirt, grease, oil, ink and petrol from hands, tools and surfaces. These large, strong and absorbent hand wipes contain a powerful heavy-duty cleaner which is proven to remove tough stuff whilst remaining safe for use on hands. The dual textured material, abrasive one side, softer the other, provides the mechanical scrubbing action required to remove stubborn dirt. ENGINEER’S WIPES will even clean up adhesive, bitumen, expanding foam, expoxies, jointing compound, mastic, paint, polyurethanes, polyester fillers, sealants and many other wet and semi-cured substances. The addition of an aloe vera based moisturiser helps condition the skin, preventing dryness and cracking. No rinsing of the hands is required, making ENGINEER’S WIPES not only a safe hand wipe but also an everyday essential for the workshop or on site.


  • Highly absorbent wipe material;
  • Dual textured to aid scrubbing/removal of stubborn dirt;
  • Specially formulated to remove common contaminants found in most trades and industries;
  • Anti-bacterial by design and contains aloe vera for conditioning of the skin and with no rinsing required;

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