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Water Displacing Anti-Rust Agent

Water Displacing Anti-Rust Agent

  • £7.99

This silicone-free aerosol makes tackling corrosion simple, even when you’re working with hard to reach areas. With cleaning, lubricating and degreasing properties, R213 is an all in one must-have for all your maintenance needs.

Driving out moisture from your components is essential maintenance, and R213 is a high-performance water displacement spray that gets to work quickly! Its rapid penetrating action releases seized components fast and leaves behind a fine film that helps to protect against further corrosion, reducing the amount of time spent on pricey upkeep. 

 This film does more than guard against rust, as it also works as an effective lubricant that lengthens component life. If dismantling equipment is a hassle then not to worry, this anti rust agent also helps to ease along the process, and even works as a cleaner.

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